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VoIP Solutions

Hosted PABX might be the solution for you! PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company. Users of the PBX phone system share a number of outside lines for making external phone calls. Rather than using the traditional telephone wiring, using hosted PBX allows you connect to the ethernet ports present in your home or office that connect your computer and other devices to the internet, simplifying and saving you time and money that may have to be spent on phone line setup costs, rental etc. Hosted PABX is also far cheaper to install and implement than traditional PABX solutions, which usually required a high level of expertise as well as very high purchase and setup costs. Traditional PABX solutions require a full onsite PABX system while hosted PABX only requires the purchase of compatible phones. Also, with a hosted PBX solution your employees will enjoy being able to work from anywhere. Employees can use their cell phones, softphones on their laptops while they travel or even install an IP telephone at their homes to reduce commuting.