Awin Capital

Data Security

One of the most important things in your business is your data. It is critical this be safe from potential hackers and viruses – how would your customer feel about your company if a security weakness publicly exposed the information they have entrusted to you? AWIN Capital takes the security of your network seriously. We have trained and accredited security specialists who can review and audit your network to help minimize your exposure. Independent audits and reviews of networks can be done, we’ll work with your current IT team to identify and help close any weaknesses identified.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is the ultimate defence and should be an essential part of your network design. Well designed disaster recovery systems can save you weeks of work. How would your company survive a complete loss of everything on your computers? AWIN Capital can help you build and implement a disaster recovery system that suits you. If you are less than 100% certain of your security or backup position call one of our consultants at 289-536-0484 and arrange peace of mind.