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Company Overview

AWIN Capital is your partner in business. No matter what infrastructure you have, AWIN Capital can manage and improve your IT network to keep your business running at maximum efficiency. By understanding your goals, AWIN Capital can work with you to provide the solutions and outcomes you need as your business grows. AWIN Capital understands the pressures and needs of successful businesses. When you need us, AWIN Capital has a team of dedicated support people ready to take your call should you have problems or require technical advice. AWIN Capital is your strategic advantage – we provide you with the resources of an outstanding Team of professionals with a wide range of knowledge and expertise.

Time to do more important things

To stay ahead, business needs to constantly employ technologies and processes to gain and keep the competitive edge. At the same time you also have to budget and efficiently manage resources. Outsourcing your IT to a professional partner will save you time and money and will yield greater results.

AWIN Capital brings to your business a range of skills in all technical disciplines but most importantly, because we are a successful business, we understand what’s driving you as well.
For consultation, design, implementation, helpdesk or onsite support, AWIN Capital have you covered.


Concentrate on doing what has made you successful and let us do what has made us successful.

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Good ITC management & Support helps prevent surprises - you know when you put the equipment in, what its expected lifecycle will be and when its scheduled replacement will be. Our IT management programs identify a custom maintenance and checking schedule for all your IT & computer equipment. Using a combination of automated reporting and inspections by our skilled IT support team, we seek to find the right balance in preventative servicing and cost-effectiveness.

Our experts have expertise both in technology and small business consulting, making us the ideal partner when it comes to developing solutions that actually work for your real business challenges.

We have trained and accredited security specialists who can review and audit your network to help minimize your exposure. Independent audits and reviews of networks can be done, we’ll work with your current IT team to identify and help close any weaknesses identified.

AWIN Capital performs repairs and maintenance for PC's and on most electronic equipment in the house. This is a capability that gives us a unique advantage to support your business. From power supplies, UPS and Monitors, we can repair most things in-house.  Got a server down and can’t get a power supply for 24 or 48 hours? This capability means we can usually repair it and get you back up and running while other companies would be waiting for a new one to ship in from another state! Our dedicated comprehensive workshop would be one of the largest in Canada –here we repair everything from Laptops, Monitors, PCs and Servers.